Getting Help With Cleaning

Five Office Cleaning Tips For Those Who Like A Pristine Space

There are those who can work among a pile of clutter with no concern, and then there are those who need a pristine space to be able to focus. If you're in the latter group, you may be wondering how you can keep a more tidy, dirt-free office. Here are five quick tips to get you started. 1. Clean around your keys with a sticky note. Sure, you can wipe down the keyboard, but what about the pieces of fluff and grime that get caught around the keys? Read More 

Cleaning Your Windows With Natural Products

You should clean the inside and outside of your windows a couple of times a year. Cleaning your windows may feel like a big task, but with the right supplies, it can be easy to clean your windows and ensure a streak-free view. If you like to use natural products to clean around your home, you can easily make your own window washing solution. Making Your Window Washing Solution Vinegar is a great ingredient that can be used to clean many different parts and areas of your home. Read More 

Three Reasons For Winter Basement Water Damage

Though the water outside may be frozen, the winter season does not mean that your home is immune to interior water damage and flooding. In fact, the freezing weather can actually present a number of unique water damage risks to the basement in your home: understanding what some of the most common risks to flooding in your basement are can help you take steps to prevent such water damage from occurring. Read More 

Ink Stains – Removing Them From Upholstery And Carpeting

No matter how careful you are, printer ink always manages to find its way onto the upholstered furniture and carpeting throughout your office space. Here, you'll learn how to get the ink out of the upholstery and carpeting without leaving any sign of it behind. Note: For the best results, act quickly. The second you see the ink, get to work removing it. Rubbing Alcohol You probably have rubbing alcohol in the first aid kit or medicine cabinet – this will be your salvation. Read More 

Can Duct Cleaning Improve The Airflow Through Your Home’s Vents?

Most homeowners that look for a duct cleaning company on their own are concerned about the quality of air in the home or a distinct risk of mold growth after discovering a leak in the ducts. However, a thorough cleaning of the entire air duct system can also solve a recent reduction in airflow, whether you're experiencing that reduction in just one area or in the entire home. Find out how duct cleaning can restore normal airflow and why it's not always the solution to this kind of problem either. Read More