Five Office Cleaning Tips For Those Who Like A Pristine Space

There are those who can work among a pile of clutter with no concern, and then there are those who need a pristine space to be able to focus. If you're in the latter group, you may be wondering how you can keep a more tidy, dirt-free office. Here are five quick tips to get you started.

1. Clean around your keys with a sticky note.

Sure, you can wipe down the keyboard, but what about the pieces of fluff and grime that get caught around the keys? A good way to remove them is with the edge of a sticky note. Push the sticky portion down between the keys, and it will pick up the grime. You will need to use a few sticky notes to clean the whole keyboard since they become less sticky once a little dust has stuck to them.

2. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your mouse and phone.

The computer mouse and phone are some of the dirtiest areas! Instead of spending a fortune on expensive cleaning solutions, use a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol to disinfect these surfaces. The alcohol will evaporate quickly and leave no scent behind—just a cleaner mouse and phone.

3. Vacuum your books and papers.

Keeping dust from settling on papers and books that you don't use very often is difficult. It's easier to just let this dust accumulate for a week or two, and then vacuum it away. You can use a wand attachment to remove the dust from the books and papers. An attachment with a small, round brush works well, too.

4. Use a ruler to wipe down air vents.

If the air vents near your space are dirty, a lot of dirt will end up being blown out into your office space. An easy way to clean the slats of your air vent is to position a piece of damp cloth on the end of a ruler, and then slide it down each slat. If the vents are becoming dirty again quickly, you may need to talk to the office owner about having the ducts cleaned.

5. Blot your office chair with upholstery cleaner.

Upholstery cleaner is not just for stains! A couple of times a year, spray down your office chair, wait a few minutes, and then blot it to soak up the cleaner. You'll be surprised how much dust and dirt you pull up with the cleaner.

Another tip: hire a good office cleaning team to keep your space clean daily. They can handle tasks like vacuuming and wiping off counters, so you can focus on the little things. For more information, talk to a company like Top Cat Cleaning Service.