Cleaning Your Windows With Natural Products

You should clean the inside and outside of your windows a couple of times a year. Cleaning your windows may feel like a big task, but with the right supplies, it can be easy to clean your windows and ensure a streak-free view. If you like to use natural products to clean around your home, you can easily make your own window washing solution.

Making Your Window Washing Solution

Vinegar is a great ingredient that can be used to clean many different parts and areas of your home. You can use vinegar to wash your windows as well. Just mix one-part hot water with an equal part of distilled vinegar. Mix or shake the ingredients together, and you have a simple and natural at-home window cleaning solution that you can use to cut through the grim on your windows.

This solution is often easiest to use when it is poured into a spray bottle. Do not reuse an old spray bottle that housed a commercial cleaner; pick up a new spray bottle. You can find spray bottles at dollar stores and department stores that you can put your own cleaning solutions into.

Sponge Cleaning Method

There are multiple ways that you can clean your windows effectively depending on the tools that you have. If you have a sponge, you are going to want to dip the sponge in some water and run the sponge across your window to get the window a little moist. Then, dip your sponge in the cleaning solution, and scrub your window in a circular motion, working top to bottom.

Wipe everything dry with a microfiber cloth to keep the lint down that is transferred to your windows.  

Squeegee Cleaning Method

Another way to clean your windows is with a squeegee. With a squeegee, you are going to want to take the cleaning solution and spray it onto your windows. Use the brush side of the squeegee to scrub away at any tough stains or dirt.

Then, get the edge of the squeegee just a little damp first, and run the squeegee from the top to the bottom of your window. Dry the edge of the squeegee off with each stroke and wipe up any remaining water drips or pool.

The Window Frame

Don't forget to clean the window frame as well. Use a damp cloth that you have dipped in the window cleaning solution to clean the sides of the window frame, as well as the window sill. You want the window frame to be as clean as possible in order to keep your entire window looking great.

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