Why Professional Cleaning And Polishing Is Good For Your Business’s Wood Flooring

If you own a small business with wood floors, you have probably found many reasons to appreciate those floors. Wood floors look great, help improve the quality of the air, are easy to maintain, and can last for much longer than most other types of flooring. However, in order to really get the most out of the wood floors in our business, you are going to want to have them professionally cleaned and polished. Here is more info on why this is important for you to have done: 

Professional cleaning does more than daily cleaning

When you have your wood floors routinely cleaned on a daily basis, the process involves quickly going over the floors with a broom first, then a mop that's damp with a mixture of water and a cleaning solution. While this can help the floors look nicer and remove much of the dirt and bacteria, it is still just a light cleaning. 

Professionally cleaning the wood flooring involves the removal of all the dirt and debris on the surface in preparation for the real cleaning. This cleaning involves using professional equipment that's safe for the floors but will get stubborn dirt and stains out. The dirt and residue that's more embedded in the wood will be loosened and then removed. The cleaning solution will be worked into the flooring in a way that disinfects it in more areas, including the hard-to-get spots. 

Professional cleaning and polishing helps the flooring look much newer

When they are done cleaning and polishing the floors, they will look newer. The old grit and grime that made them look dull and even darker in some areas will be gone. They will have an even coloring to them. Plus, polishing them will leave them with a gorgeous shine to them that takes years of usage off their appearance. 

Professional attention will help to get rid of some visible damages 

Your business probably sees a large amount of foot traffic each day. This can lead to a lot of other problems besides dirt. They can end up being scuffed and scratched in many places. This damage can detract from the nice look of the flooring and make it look older. Cleaning and polishing can remove the dirt that makes the scratches and scuff marks more visible. Then, the polishing adds a thick, glossy shine to the floor that further conceals those problem areas. 

Polishing the wood floors puts an added layer of protection on them. This means the floors will do a better job at handling all of that daily traffic without showing the wear and tear anytime soon. For more information, contact a local company, like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance.