Should You Have Your Business Tested For Mold?

When you own a business, cleanliness and the right appearance can mean the difference between your success and possibly your downfall. If clients think you run an inefficient office, then they may not return or they may get the wrong idea about your company.

Testing for mold is just one of the things you can do to help your business stay clean and safe. Should you have your business tested for mold? This guide, along with the assistance of a mold specialist, will help you decide if this investment is best for your company.

Employees are sick often

Are employees often ill at your place of business? Is there a lack of trend in the times your employees get sick, so it's hard to blame illness on seasonal allergies or colds? If so, then mold may be a problem. Mold can make people ill, particularly those who have asthma or issues with allergies, and getting your building inspected can help determine if the reason why your employees get ill is because of mold spores.

You've had moisture issues

Where there is moisture, mold is likely to be found. If you have had a problem with indoor humidity, a recent flood, or other issues with moisture in or around your building, get mold testing done just to be on the safe side. This is particularly important if your business has a basement or attic, where mold is likely to thrive unnoticed. If you haven't had a recent mold inspection and you've had water issues in the past, then mold may be actively growing and need attention.

You've never had a mold inspection

If you have purchased your building recently, begun a new lease, or done some remodeling, then it's time to have a mold inspection done. If you have never had your own mold inspection done on your property, you don't know when the last time an inspection was performed unless there is documentation.

Since mold can happen at any time in your building, you may want to get a mold inspection done as often as your mold remediation specialist recommends, especially if you live in a humid area or you have a business where moisture is a concern, such as a health club or restaurant. Keeping mold at bay begins with identifying a problem in the first place, so you need to take action by having your company professionally inspected. Your mold remediation specialist will give you an estimate for their services.