Can Duct Cleaning Improve The Airflow Through Your Home’s Vents?

Most homeowners that look for a duct cleaning company on their own are concerned about the quality of air in the home or a distinct risk of mold growth after discovering a leak in the ducts. However, a thorough cleaning of the entire air duct system can also solve a recent reduction in airflow, whether you're experiencing that reduction in just one area or in the entire home. Find out how duct cleaning can restore normal airflow and why it's not always the solution to this kind of problem either.

Discovering Clogs

Looking for debris and dirt buildup severe enough to reduce airflow is a major part of every duct cleaning service. Since the cleaning includes the entire duct system, from the air handlers at the furnace and air conditioner to each vent in the rooms, the cleaning service technicians are likely to come across any major blockages or buildup. It doesn't take a clog blocking the entire duct or opening to reduce airflow. Even a partial blockage due to dust or pet hair accumulation can have long-term effects on heating and A/C systems by reducing airflow and increasing wear on the equipment.

Cleaning Coils

Many duct cleaning services include a routine check and cleaning of the air conditioner's coils as well as attention to the ducts. Cleaning debris and dust off of the surface of the coils is one of the most widely recommended ways to increase airflow and get more cooling power from the same air conditioning equipment. Since the coil cools and dehumidifies the air by making contact with it as it flows over the surface, a dirty coil surface naturally works less efficiently. Some air conditioner coils are so dirty and clogged that they are the primary cause of a lack of airflow throughout the entire home.

Inspecting the Air Handlers

The air handler units on your furnace and air conditioner are two more places that are likely to suffer from a clog or accumulation of debris that is interfering with airflow. Make sure your duct cleaning service includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of the air handlers to get the most out of the service. The cleaning technicians may also note other damage to your ducts or air handlers that are redirecting airflow, which you can then have repaired by an HVAC technician.

Making a Noticeable Difference

The likelihood of a duct cleaning service improving the airflow of your entire cooling and heating system is linked to the severity of the flow lost. You may need to have an HVAC technician service the system and have it cleaned as well to solve the airflow problem, so budget for both kinds of services rather than choosing just one over the other.

Requesting a Full Inspection

For the best chances of catching obscure clogs and blockages only affecting a single vent or part of the home, look for a duct cleaning service that offers full video inspection as one of their services. Only a small section of your ducts can be inspected manually without opening your walls or ceilings, so the camera does a lot of the work to evaluate the exact condition of every foot of duct work. This helps you catch other common causes of reduced airflow as well, such as cracks and breakages in the ducts that leak air out. The inspection should be performed after an initial cleaning so that cracks can clearly be seen without a layer of dust or mold covering them up.

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