A Power Washing Company Can Make Your Ugly Concrete Driveway Clean And Bright Again

If your concrete driveway has dirt stains or algae growing on it, the driveway could be an eyesore. Part or all of the concrete may be dark rather than the concrete's original light color. Rather than put up with an ugly driveway, call a power washing company to clean the concrete. Power washing the concrete could make a huge difference in the way your driveway looks. Here's how power washing works.

The Equipment Is Effective At Removing Stains

Commercial power washing equipment has enough pounds per square inch (psi) to make stain removal easy. There is also enough water as measured in gallons per minute to do a good job of rinsing away dirt and cleaning solutions used. This makes commercial equipment effective at cleaning away ground-in dirt and stains on concrete. There are also a number of attachments and nozzle choices that make different stream patterns and affect how well the water can remove stains.

The Company Is Experienced At Getting Results

Power washing concrete sounds easy, but the hard part is using the equipment properly to get the results you want. For instance, with the wrong nozzle, the stream of water blasts away a narrow strip of dirt leaving your driveway looking streaky.

Concrete driveways are often cleaned with an attachment that looks like a floor polisher, so the water covers a wide swath and leaves no streaks behind. Wide-spray nozzles can also create good results. An experienced professional knows the type of nozzle to use, the amount of pressure that's safe, and how far to hold the nozzle from the concrete to get consistent results and not cause damage.

The Power Washing Company May Not Need Chemicals 

A power washer can often remove all kinds of dirt and stains since the water penetrates the pores of concrete and blasts out dirt and algae. When the company assesses your driveway, they'll let you know if cleaning products will be used, which they might want to do in the case of mold. They'll also explain the steps needed to protect the grass and plants alongside your driveway. They may water the plants first and then cover them with tarps to protect them from overspray and contact with cleaning solutions.

When the power washing company is finished, your driveway should be transformed. Power washing lifts so much dirt and algae that the concrete should be bright and clean, much like it was when the concrete was new. Plus, when done by professionals, there should be no damage to the concrete or landscaping near the driveway.

Contact a local power washing company, such as A&S Pressure Washing & Soft Washing, to learn more.