Janitorial Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning floor materials regularly will help you maintain a professional ambiance within your workplace. A janitorial business offers floor cleaning solutions that conserve water and lessen the amount of manpower essential for removing stubborn stains from flooring materials.

Current Issues And Janitorial Processes

Wet mopping the flooring within your business can lead to increased drying times. If you aren't using targeted steps when cleaning the flooring, you may be doing more harm than good. The use of excessive water on some types of flooring can lead to warped floorboards and water stains.

A janitorial service may feature an environmentally-friendly cleaning process. This type of process may include the use of a non-soap-based cleanser and automatic scrubbers. Non-soap-based floor cleaners will not leave residue on the flooring.

Products that are designed to lift dirt and stains may contain a mix of natural and synthetic materials that are designed to clean all types of flooring. The use of a scrubbing machine that uses less water than a traditional wet mopping process will ensure that floors dry quickly. The reduced amount of water that a janitorial crew uses will protect flooring materials from moisture-related damage.

A Custom Cleaning Plan

Before you hire a janitorial cleaning crew, determine the square footage of your commercial building. Some cleaning businesses provide floor cleaning quotes that are based on the surface area that the flooring comprises.

The type of flooring within your business may necessitate the use of special cleaning tools. Brickwork, tiles, and other materials that contain intricate details may require the use of an automatic scrubber that contains stiff bristles.

Your Proposal

When you propose the cleaning project to a janitorial cleaning crew manager, describe the type of flooring that is within your business. Include information about the amount of furnishings that are in each room. Most janitorial cleaning crews will be receptive to moving furnishings at the onset of a cleaning project. Any preliminary steps that the janitorial staff will be conducting could increase the cost of the floor cleaning service, however.

Product Preferences And Delicate Surfaces

Let the janitorial manager know about the floor cleaning products that you prefer to use. Scented and unscented products may be featured through a professional cleaning business. If there are any delicate surfaces within your business that are going to be professionally cleaned, request that the cleaning crew inspects them in advance. The inspection process will help the cleaning crew determine the best products and equipment to use when they are cleaning the flooring materials.

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