3 Factors That Determine How Much You Will Pay For A Cleaning Service

Having a clean premise should be a priority for every business owner. Ultimately, a clean and presentable business environment can attract quality customers and business associates. On the other hand, when you are careless about organizing and cleaning the space, people will not take your brand seriously. Despite this, most business owners still shy away from hiring professional cleaners because of the cost. However, you should know that the service is reasonably priced, and you can carefully weigh the following factors when determining how much to pay.

How Large Is the Space?

The size of the office will determine how long it will take to complete the cleaning task. So, if the office is small and you have less than ten employees, a small team of cleaners could take a few hours to clean. On the other hand, if you have an expansive space with many rooms to clean, the same team will need a lot of time to get it done. Therefore, they might charge more to clean a larger office space than a smaller one. That said, getting a quote from them is the only way to know. 

What Type of Cleaning Is Needed?

Cleaning services are not equal, and they do not cost the same. If you only need surface cleaning to remove dust and other light debris, the cleaning service will have an affordable rate. On the other hand, they will charge more for cleaning and disinfecting after a renovation, relocation, a long time away from the office, or an event like a fire. Hence, you should explain what you need during the initial consultation to get an accurate cost estimate. 

Where Is the Office Located?

The office location also affects how much the cleaners will charge for the service. If located on the lower floor, they will need fewer height safety tools when washing the windows, which will lower the cleaning cost. On the other hand, if located on a higher level of the commercial building, they will need more time and effort to get the cleaning equipment to the site, set up, and put safety measures in place. In such a case, a representative can visit your premises, assess the costs they will incur, and give you an estimate.

Other factors that might determine how much it will cost to clean the commercial space include the time required and if the staff might need special permits and tools. Get an assessment and estimate from a cleaning service to start the process.