Why Flood Damage Is Harder To Clean Up Than Water Damage From A Pipe Leak

Cleaning up your home after a flood is challenging, and it's often better to let a professional handle the job. A flood causes water damage to your home, and it also brings in contamination. Water that comes in from outside is different from water that floods your home from a burst pipe. Here's why cleaning up flood damage is more difficult than cleaning up water damage from a plumbing leak.

Flood Water Contaminates Everything

Water that comes in from a river, a road, or your yard is considered contaminated. You don't know what is in the water, so everything the water touches has to be sanitized. This has an impact on the flood damage restoration process.

This could mean porous items and fabrics need to be thrown out rather than dried out and restored. Plus, the cleaning crew needs to wear protective gear so they don't come in contact with chemicals or microbes in the water.

A Flood Could Leave Behind Mud Or Snakes

Another difference between a plumbing flood and a flood from a river or lake is that a flood from outdoors might leave mud all over the floor. The water might drive in snakes, carry in fish, or float in fire ants. You never know what could be lurking in your home once the floodwater goes down, so the crew has to proceed with caution.

Floodwater Could Take Time To Recede

As long as you're aware of a plumbing leak, you can shut the water off and start drying out your home right away. There's nothing you can do to speed up a flood. Your home could have floodwater in it for a few days. With that much humidity in your home, mold could be covering the upper walls and ceiling by the time you can get inside your house.

Mold can complicate a flood damage restoration project. Mold could mean you need to tear out more building materials than you would with a plumbing leak. Plus, when floodwater sits for days, the water can do a lot more damage. You could need extensive repairs done to your home to get it back to its original state after a flood.

You Might Have A Hard Time Getting Help

When you have a plumbing leak, you might be the only person with a water damage emergency at the time, and that means you'll get quick help. If a flood affects your neighborhood, there may be many homes in the same position as yours.

You might not get help right away after the flood recedes. This could make cleanup and restoration take longer and result in the need for even more repairs as the structure of your home deteriorates and starts to rot from water damage.

For more information about flood damage restoration, contact a local company.