6 Signs You Should Call A Junk Removal Company

Many people elect to remove junk themselves from properties. However, some projects are bad enough to require the help of a junk removal company. These six signs indicate you should ask for professional assistance with a junk removal project.


Some jobs are just too big to tackle, even if you have some friends and family members who are willing to chip in. If you're trying to clear out a multi-story building for business use, for example, the DIY approach could take weeks or even months. A junk removal company can cut down the required time to finish most projects much faster than you could.


A building could be close to other structures or even people. In that scenario, there may be significant liability issues involved with removing junk yourself. You can, however, have a licensed and insured contractor or a third party handle the problem.


Not all locations are entirely safe. Especially when there are some old, rusty, or jagged items in the way, it can be tough to handle the problem. Folks in the junk removal industry, though, have significant experience. They also have access to the right equipment and tools to do the job. Rather than risk getting hurt, you can ask them for help.

Range of Items

A junk removal company will often be interested in some of the items on a property. If there are enough interesting items, you might even include those as part of the company's compensation for the job. This can help you to reduce costs, and it gives the removal team an incentive to do the job carefully and well.

You might also want to recover some of the items for your own purposes. If there are old sinks, bathtubs, door handles, and other pieces, for example, you may want to recover those to sell or reuse. Professionals will know how to separate the junk from the good stuff.

Stinky or Wet

Most people have limits regarding how much disgusting stuff they'll handle. If you see lots of stinky or wet things in a building, you might elect to let the pros deal with it.


Some forms of junk are just extremely heavy. If there's a cast-iron boiler in the basement, for example, you're not hauling that out by yourself. Depending on the circumstances, the junk removal company could bring the necessary equipment to haul a heavy item or decide to break it down using saws or torches.

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