4 Things That Can Affect The Final Cost Of Water Damage Restoration Services

If your home gets damaged by water, proper cleanup is important. There are many things that can happen and cause water damage. Things such as weather events and extinguished fires are not controllable. However, some homeowners experience water damage due to lack of maintenance or neglect. Water damage restoration services can ensure that damaged properties are properly cleaned and safe to inhabit. There are costs associated with professional cleanups that may be covered by insurance. Even if the damage is not covered, it is important to keep in mind that restoration costs will likely be lower than getting a new home or allowing the damage to worsen. The following points identify some of the key factors that impact the cost of water damage restoration. 


Water damage may be contained in a small area or one room of a home, or it may be widespread. The restoration company will inspect and determine how much of a home has been compromised by water. 


This part of the process involves estimating the amount of water that has caused the damage. Sometimes this assessment is easy because there might be standing water or puddles on floors. This is commonly observed when severe weather events such as flooding occur. Some plumbing issues can also release massive volumes of water. The value assessment will also take into account if the water damage has been ongoing. Sometimes hidden leaks release a significant volume of water behind building materials. This can result in a complex restoration being required because if it involves an extended time frame that a home is exposed to water. 


Water damage gets classified according to how contaminated the water is. There are three classifications. The first one is classified as having no contamination risks and might include water that comes from a source that is likely clean water, such as a leaky pipe or faucet. This type of damage needs to get cleaned up due to the potential risk of mold growth. The second classification is assigned when there are likely low levels of contaminants in the water. This classification is common when an appliance is the cause of water damage. The third classification is given when raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, or illness-causing bacteria are likely present in the water. The cost of the cleanup can be expected to be higher if the contamination risks are higher. 

Structural Repairs

Extensive water damage will likely require more than cleaning the home. It may involve replacing building materials. Mold remediation may also be required. Sometimes structural repairs are needed due to a delay in requesting restoration services, which is why it is important to request services as soon as possible.

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