Concrete Driveway Dirty? Use A Pressure Washer To Get It Clean

If your concrete driveway is dirty, this can make your exterior look bad. Fortunately, there are things you can do to clean your driveway, one of which is to use a concrete pressure washer. Keep reading to learn how you can get your driveway clean.

Concrete Pressure Washing

Using a pressure washer is the quickest and easiest way to get your concrete driveway clean. Before you get started, sweep your driveway to remove as much dirt and debris as you can. If there are plants planted close to your driveway, cover them up before you start washing. If your driveway is near walls or doors, cover them up with a tarp. You can use something like painter's tape to secure the tarp. 

Next, use a degreaser on the driveway to loosen stains in order to make them easier to clean. If you have your own pressure washer, look at it to see if it has a tool that you can use to apply a degreaser. If not, pour the degreaser on the concrete and use a stiff-bristled push broom to spread the degreaser over the entire driveway. 

Read the instruction manual for your pressure washer as it will tell you how to use it. How you will end up using it will usually depend on the type of model you have. You will need to connect a spray wand to the pressure washer and then to a garden hose or other water supply. Put the proper detergent into the pressure washer. You can purchase detergent made to clean concrete. You do not need to use very high pressure, or you could damage the concrete. The instruction manual should tell you the setting you need to use for your pressure washer to clean concrete. Start at the top of the driveway and work your way to the end. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

This can be a difficult job to do on your own, especially if you have no experience using a pressure washer. Because of this, hire a concrete pressure washing company to do all of this for you. This will ensure the job is done correctly and prevent your driveway from being damaged. 

Seal Your Driveway

Once your driveway is clean and dry, you should then apply a sealant. In most cases, you will want to apply at least two coats. You do need to let the first coat completely dry, which may take up to 1-3 hours, before you apply the second coat.  You can find concrete sealer at a home improvement store. You generally brush it on your driveway. The sealant will have instructions instructing you on how to apply it and the drying times. 

Before you apply the sealant, repair any cracks that may be on your driveway. There is a concrete crack filler that you can purchase at a local home improvement store. Follow the instructions on it and it will tell you how to use this product. 

Your driveway should now be completely clean and look new again. For more information, contact a concrete pressure washing service near you.