Tips To Organize And Clean Up Your Home

With all the online shopping and local retailers available around the country, it is no wonder that your home can get cluttered and full of too much stuff. Whether you are working to organize your home by yourself or with the help of a professional organizer service, you can find success and lower stress in the process. Here are some recommendations to help you organize your home and get it into a clean and useful space.

Organize By Area

Whether you are planning to organize your entire home or just one room, such as your master bedroom or the toy room, be sure you section it into smaller, more manageable areas. This not only helps you to not get overwhelmed, but you can focus more on each space as you organize it. So if you are planning to organize your bedroom, for example, you could start with the closet, then work on the dresser, then the vanity. If you focus your efforts on one space at a time, you will be able to complete it more quickly without having your attention diverted during the process.

Then, when you are ready to clean out an area of your home, remove all the items from it completely before you begin the cleaning and organizing. So, for example, when you clean out your kitchen pantry, remove everything from the space. This helps you see what you have stored in the space and also how much room you have to use in your new organization. It also allows you to determine what you no longer need or want to keep and gives you an opportunity to wipe down shelves and cupboards to clean the space.

Plan to Eliminate Items

The next step in organizing your space is to eliminate some possessions. When you pull everything out you will discover some items that you no longer want or need, and others that you probably didn't realize you still had. You can dispose of items that you don't need to free up space for better organization. Make separate discard bins for a donation box and for a trash box. 

This elimination step gives you the chance to get rid of anything you have not used recently. If you tend to hold on to items because you may one day use them again, don't keep them. The clutter is only causing you more stress and crowding inside your home. And a crowded and cluttered home can cause depression and you can waste a lot of time trying to manage your possessions.