Carpets Often Dirty? 2 Tips on Cleaning Them and Keeping Them Clean

If your carpets are often dirty due to a lot of foot traffic, pets, etc. there are several different ways you can clean them. Below is more information about cleaning your carpet, as well as tips for keeping them clean for longer periods of time.

Cleaning Carpet

The best thing to do is to hire a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets for you. This is especially true if you have not had them cleaned recently. Carpet cleaners use powerful equipment that you often do not have access to. They are also experienced in cleaning carpets and will do a professional job to get any stains out. A professional will know how to handle things like tough stains, carpet that has water damage, and much more. If you have pets, the carpet cleaning company can use special UV lights that will show them if there are any urine or other stains caused by your pets.

Many carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaners to clean carpets. This type puts hot water into the carpet and then extracts the water into a container attached to the steam cleaner. If you look at the extracted water, you will notice it is often very dirty. This is because the water is hot enough to remove all dirt and grime trapped in the carpet. A steam cleaner works best because it can get deep into carpeting instead of just cleaning the surface. 

When the carpet is steam cleaned, a vacuum will be used next to extract any water that may be left behind.  The carpet will only be damp and will dry within a few hours when the job is finished. You should try to not walk on the carpet until it is dry so you don't trap any additional dirt in the wet fibers. 

Keeping Carpet Clean

To keep your carpets clean, clean all spills as soon as they happen. First, dilute with water and use a spot remover as needed. Vacuum the area when you are finished. You should also vacuum at least twice a week or more if you have pets or young children. Vacuuming will ensure the dirt only stays on the surface of the carpet. 

Put doormats at each entry door and tell people to wipe their feet before stepping into your home. You could also ask everyone to remove their shoes before they walk in. If you choose to do this, you should have an area to put the shoes so they are easy to access when the visitors arrive or leave. 

If you have pets, you should typically always have a urine carpet cleaner on hand and clean any accidents immediately. 

The carpet cleaning company that you hire can give you many tips on keeping your carpets clean. For more tips about keeping your carpet clean, contact a local company, such as Gilmore Carpet Cleaning, to learn more.