Own A Business? Make Sure You Take Steps To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

If you own a business, it is your job to do what you can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important because this virus is very contagious and can spread very easily throughout your company. To help you, below are two steps to take to help you prevent all of this from happening.

Hire a Disinfection Service Company

The most important thing to do is to make sure everything is disinfected at all times. To make things much easier and safer, you should hire a disinfection service company. They will focus on key areas that are touched a lot by everyone in your company. This includes door handles, garbage bins, sinks, toilet flush buttons or handles, vehicles you may use, stair rails, grab rails, and handrails. 

They will manually disinfect and clean your entire company using special equipment and a surface disinfectant that is much stronger than would be available for you to purchase. When everything is sanitized, the company will give you tips on things you can do to keep everything sanitized as best you can. 

If you have someone that had COVID in your business already, this disinfectant surface is even more important because this will remove the virus from your building.

Play Your Part

Along with the disinfectant service, you can play your part in keeping your building free of this virus. First, make sure everyone wears a mask over their face covering both their nose and their mouth at all times. Provide masks to employees that may not have them. If anyone wears washable face masks, ask them to wash their mask at the end of each day.

Have hand sanitizer in a variety of places throughout your building for you and your employees. Provide sanitizer spray to each employee to clean their desks at the end of each day. Give bottles of hand sanitizer to each employee to keep with them at all times.

If you have a break room that your employees use to eat, ask them to wipe down everything with a sanitizer when they are finished, including as surfaces, refrigerator handles, and faucets. You also need to ensure you have all your employees at least six feet apart. You may have to move desks, make sure they are apart while in the break room, and stagger lunch times.

Following these tips should help you keep your business up and running. For more information about coronavirus disinfection services, contact a local cleaning company.