Own A Restaurant? 3 Spots Your Disinfection Team Should Focus On

These days, it's not possible to be too careful about germs. From communicable illnesses like influenza and COVID-19 to preventing the spread of foodborne illness, it pays to show your valued customers that you care about cleanliness — especially when you own a restaurant. Here are three spots you should ask your commercial disinfection team to focus on, and why. 

1. Waiting Area

When people are hungry, there's a decent chance they aren't being as careful as they could be about preventing the spread of germs. Some may lower masks to talk with their friends as they wait, or they may lean against walls, allow their kids to crawl all over chairs, or ignore social distancing guidelines.

To keep your waiting area clean, ask your commercial disinfection team to wipe down all surfaces in the area with cleaners that are known to stop the spread of infection. Consider blocking off chairs or booths so people can't sit down, which can also prevent the spread of germs. 

2. Bathrooms

If a person were to come into your restaurant sick, they might visit the bathroom during their stay. Bathrooms are the perfect place to blow noses and take a few minutes for yourself, which is why they need to be carefully disinfected, especially during a pandemic. 

When your cleaning team moves through the bathroom, make sure they sanitize things like bathroom door panels, counters, and hand drying stations along with any high-touch surface, like the entry doorknobs. 

3. Checkout 

Another place where customers may be prone to spreading germs is anywhere they pay. Whether you have a checkout counter or you send checks to the table, things need to be sanitized routinely. Ask disinfection teams to sanitize point-of-sale terminals, as well as the booklets waiters use to send out the bill. During the day, waiters should be wiping these areas down between each guest to prevent germ transmission.  

If you plan to hire a commercial disinfection team, make sure they understand what you expect and want out of the service. Talk with your team about when they will disinfect, how frequently they will be visiting, and how to maintain the cleanliness throughout the day when customers are present. Ask which disinfectants to use and how to use them while maintaining your equipment and furniture. Your efforts won't go unnoticed and will certainly be appreciated by the public. Make sure your clients know what you are doing to keep their space clean so they feel even more comfortable. 

For more information and details, reach out to a local commercial disinfection service.