Office Cleaning Tasks That Get Skipped Too Often

You can walk into an office and think that it looks clean, but when you dig a little deeper realize that there really is plenty of dirt and debris hiding within. This is not the kind of office you want. You want one that is really, truly clean! Here are the often-skipped areas you'll want to clean to achieve that goal.

The Curtains

Curtains are a bit cumbersome to clean which means they are rarely cleaned as often as they should be. They hang and accumulate dust, and then every time someone opens them that dust gets scattered through the office. Dirty curtains make your whole office dirtier. You can vacuum heavy curtains in place, but if the curtains are on the thinner side you may want to remove them and have them professionally cleaned. Most dry cleaners offer this service.

Under Shelving Units

Dusting the shelving units is a pretty common chore that most office cleaners tackle regularly. But the area under the shelves tends to get neglected since it is hard to reach. All it takes is for the heat or air conditioning to blow in the right direction for the dust to get blown all around. You can clean under the shelves by dampening a paper towel and pushing it under the shelving unit with a stick. 

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can also get covered with dust and dirt. Flies also like to land up there and leave their feces behind. Since light fixtures are often out of the line of sight, they can get really dirty without anyone noticing. The easiest way to clean most light fixtures is to climb up on a step ladder, unscrew them, take them down, and clean them with a mild spray cleaner. 


Keyboards can easily go unnoticed on desks. They can get pretty dirty before anyone really thinks about it. The big problem is that it's not just dust that accumulates on keyboard; it's also germs. Someone can touch the keyboard and then touch someone else's things, spreading infectious diseases like the flu and the common cold. Wiping the keyboard down with disinfectant wipes every day will do the trick!

Keeping an office clean is a lot of work and requires a lot of attention to detail. In most cases office managers do best when hiring a professional janitorial company to handle the cleaning. Reach out to an office cleaning company near you soon to get your office in ship shape.