Three Reasons To Clean Your Window Blinds

Except for those times when you are moving out of an apartment and the proprietor requests that you "clean the blinds," most people do not blink when it comes to this task. In fact, there is a good chance that you have had blinds on your windows for years and you have probably never cleaned them once. Maybe you dusted them a few times when the dust became obvious, but a lot of people rarely think about blinds as something you have to clean. You may wash curtains, sure, but blinds? Well, there are actually some good reasons for cleaning blinds. 

Reason Number One: Allergies

If you or anyone in your house is allergic to dust or dust mites, you have to clean everything no matter what it is. Blinds, because they prevent sunlight from entering the room, are often the first things on which dust particles settle. After a nice, thin layer of dust settles there, then the dust mites find their way there and begin breeding. Pretty soon, you have entire dust mite colonies and layers of dust on the blinds that make people sneeze, cough, itch, and become teary-eyed just by sitting near the windows. Clean the blinds to reduce the allergens and allergies. 

Reason Number Two: To Discover Damaged Blinds

Layers of dust on your blinds can hide damage. Small breaks, holes, and tears in the blinds may be covered by enough dust that you do not see the damage at all. Clean the blinds so that you can see what condition the blinds are in, and replace the blinds if their condition is particularly bad. 

Reason Number Three: Extend the Life of Your Blinds

Dust can really cause a lot of damage to your blinds. You might think that dust cannot affect whatever dust covers, but it can. That is why people cover their furniture and other household items with bed sheets if they expect to be gone from their homes or vacation houses for a long time. Blinds cannot really be covered because of what they are and their intended purpose, so it is even more important to clean your blinds regularly to extend their life and function. 

Professional Window Blind Cleaning

If you are unsure how to go about cleaning your blinds, there are enough professional blind cleaning companies that can help. They will come to your home, clean the blinds as they are hanging, and then leave. You can also request to have the blinds taken down, cleaned at the company's office, and then brought back. 

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