Tips For Fireplace Use In Your Bed And Breakfast

If you own a bed and breakfast, it might have one or more fireplaces in it. You can definitely make use of the fireplaces in your bed and breakfast, and you will probably be glad that you did if you follow these tips.

Avoid Using the Fireplaces in the Bedrooms

First of all, even if there are fireplaces in the bedrooms that you rent out to the guests at your bed and breakfast, you probably do not want to actually use them. This can pose a major fire hazard and can add to the work and cost of using the fireplaces in your bed and breakfast. Instead, you will probably just want to focus on using the fireplaces that might be in the more common areas of the home.

Keep the Fireplaces in Good Condition

Next, make sure that you keep the fireplaces in your bed and breakfast in good condition. They will be safer and cleaner to use if you do. For example, have any fireplaces that are used regularly in your bed and breakfast inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis or more as needed. Commercial chimney cleaning can go a long way towards keeping your fireplaces in good working order.

Handle the Fires Yourself

Even though you might welcome a little bit of help with keeping the fires going in your fireplaces, you probably don't want to encourage the guests at your bed and breakfast to do any of the work. Otherwise, there is the risk of someone getting hurt or making a mistake that can put all of the guests and the entire building at risk. Plus, your guests are probably there to relax, so you probably don't want to encourage them to do any work while they are visiting. Instead, make sure that you handle the fires yourself, or make sure that any employees who handle the fires are properly trained so that they can do so safely.

Use the Fireplaces to Your Advantage

As you might already know, having fireplaces in the common areas of your bed and breakfast is a great way to add to the aesthetic. Make full use of your fireplaces by decorating the mantles, putting cozy and attractive seating near the fireplace and more. Then, you can make your bed and breakfast that much better for all of your guests.

Using fireplaces in your bed and breakfast can be a wonderful thing, but keeping the things that are listed above in mind is important for best results.