Ink Stains – Removing Them From Upholstery And Carpeting

No matter how careful you are, printer ink always manages to find its way onto the upholstered furniture and carpeting throughout your office space. Here, you'll learn how to get the ink out of the upholstery and carpeting without leaving any sign of it behind.

Note: For the best results, act quickly. The second you see the ink, get to work removing it.

Rubbing Alcohol

You probably have rubbing alcohol in the first aid kit or medicine cabinet – this will be your salvation. Before you begin working to remove the stain, use some paper towels or clean white cloths to blot up as much of the ink as possible. As long as it continues to appear on the towel, continue blotting.

To prevent the ink from spreading as you work to remove the stain, get some masking tape. Apply several strips of tape around the spot to create a border. This will help to keep the ink from spreading onto the fabric around the spot.

Now, dampen the cloth with the rubbing alcohol – do not pour the alcohol directly on the carpet or the ink will spread quickly. Blot the spot repeatedly. Once the cloth becomes discolored with ink, change to a new one. Continue working with clean cloths and rubbing alcohol until no more ink comes off onto the cloth.

Once you've removed as much as you can with the alcohol, get a bucket with very hot water, a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting burned, and some more clean cloths. Dip the cloth in the water, and wring it out well. You are trying to work to remove the rubbing alcohol from the carpeting, as well as any ink that remains, so you don't want to over-saturate the carpet with the water. If you notice the water changing colors, dump the bucket and replace it with fresh water.

Now you need to dry the upholstery and carpeting. If you allow it to air-dry on its own, it can take quite a while and mold and mildew can begin to grow in the time that it takes to dry. So, get a wet-dry vacuum and suck as much of the moisture out of the fabric as possible. Set a fan next to the area and allow the air to blow dry the fabric.

If you cannot seem to get the ink stain out, contact your local upholstery cleaning professional. He or she will have the skills and equipment to eliminate that stain once and for all.