3 Easy, Yet Effective, Options For Removing Red Wine From Carpet

The holidays are here, so you may be planning dinners and parties to celebrate with friends and family members. During these celebrations, you and your guests may enjoy one or more glasses of wine. Wine can wreak havoc on your furniture and flooring when spilled. If you have guests who overindulge, the risk of wine spilling and staining your carpet is even higher.

Replacing your carpet is also an option after spilling wine, but this can be a costly project. The national average for installing new carpet in a 16' x 16' room ranges between $1,200 and $1,400, which is not an expense you may be able to afford. Thankfully, you can rid your carpet of splatters and spills of wine with a few simple tricks. Here are a few hacks for cleaning wine from your carpet to prevent severe stains and a possible replacement project.

White Wine 

If you or a guest spilled white wine on the carpet, you do not have to worry too much about stains. However, it is important to use a clean cloth to blot up the white wine to prevent odors.

If you or a guest spilled red wine on the carpet, white wine can actually be used to clean up the stain. White wine contains enzymes that neutralize the dyes and pigments in the red wine. These enzymes will remove the odors while preventing the colors from staining your carpet fibers.

To try, pour a few tablespoons of white wine directly on the red wine spot on your carpet. Use a clean, damp cloth to blot up the wine. Continue blotting the stain until the red color begins to diminish. This may take some time, but continue blotting until the majority of the red wine is on the damp cloth.


Salt effectively absorbs spilled liquid, removing the wine from your carpet and decreasing the risk of a permanent stain. Thankfully, salt is also one of the most common ingredients found in kitchens today, so you most likely already have it on hand. It is important to note that this method is most effective when used immediately after spilling the wine.

Use a cloth to blot up the liquid from your carpet before it soaks deep into the carpet fibers and underpadding. Then, pour a generous amount of salt directly on the affected area of your carpet. Allow the salt to sit and soak into the carpet for a few minutes.

Then, use your vacuum to suction up the leftover salt, which will most likely be turned a pink or light red color after absorbing the dyes from the wine.

White Vinegar

White vinegar, which contains acidic properties, is another effective option for removing red wine stains on your carpet. Not only does the acetic acid eat through tough stains and debris, but it contains antibacterial properties and deodorizers that rid your carpet of harmful bacteria and unappealing odors.

To clean your stained carpet, add the following to a spray bottle to create a simple cleanser:

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap

Shake the bottle to mix, ensuring the ingredients combine thoroughly. After soaking up the leftover wine with a clean cloth, spray a generous amount of the vinegar solution onto the area of your carpet where the wine spilled.

Allow the solution to soak for a few minutes before blotting the carpet with a clean, damp cloth. Continue blotting until the red wine is no longer visible.

Red wine may be a popular drink served at your holiday gatherings, but it can quickly ruin your carpets and rugs. This guide will help you protect your floors from deep and unattractive red wine stains. For professional assistance, contact a carpet cleaning company in your area.