3 Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Your Wood Floors Well

It seems that everyone wants to have real wood floors in their home because they are just so beautiful. However, in order to keep your wood floors looking and feeling amazing, you must properly care for them. One aspect of this is cleaning them properly. Wood floors are a bit more sensitive to certain cleaners and water than most other kinds of flooring, so it is best to be well prepared before you begin cleaning them. Here are three tips for cleaning and caring for your wood floors well. 

Vacuum Them With An Attachment 

A lot of vacuums have attachments that either come with them or that you can purchase. These attachments are made for cleaning floors, and have soft bristles on them. These bristles stop the vacuum from scratching the floor and do a good job of gathering up all of the dirt and debris that is on your floor. Also, because the vacuum has such strong suction power, it does a better job of cleaning dirt, dust, debris, etc., out of all of the cracks in your wood, as well as in corners and other crevices. This saves you time as well because you can move quickly over your wood floor with the vacuum, knowing that everything is being sucked up along the way. 

Use Very Little Liquid 

When it comes to cleaning your wood floors with water, you want to use very little water. This allows the wood to dry quickly, and reduces the risk of any damage occurring to them. A great tool to use for cleaning your floors with minimal water is a steam mop. The steam mop uses the hot steam to clean your floors, rather than water. This steam is effective at cleaning the floors because it is so hot and it also dries incredibly fast. 

Have Your Floor Polished

A great way to keep your wood floor looking great and also protecting it, is to have your wood floor polished every few months. This keeps the polish thick enough so that nothing gets into the actual wood because this is when breakdown of the wood, warping, and other damage begins to occur. You can either polish the floor yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the job. Doing it yourself allows you to save money, but hiring a professional can ensure that it is done perfectly.

Using a vacuum to clean your wood floors, mopping them with a steam mop, and having them polished every few months or so can make a world of difference in how they look and feel. Contact a service, like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance, for more help.