Helpful Cleaning Strategies For Beautiful, Long-Lasting Carpet

The carpet in your household is not just a soft surface that brings comfort to your feet. It can also be a tool that delivers elegant aesthetics to the interior. Make sure it holds up and looks great for a long time by taking these measures. 

Use Club Soda on Stains

Whether beer splattered or red wine accidentally leaked on the carpet, you can reverse these stains simply with club soda. This solution is made up of only water, salts, and carbon dioxide, yet it still miraculously removes tough stains like alcohol. 

For it to be most effective, though, you need to blot with a soft cloth. Keep blotting until the entire stained area starts to fade, and then spray the area again with warm water. Finally, set out multiple paper towels weighed down by a heavy object. Allow these towels to sit until the area is completely dry. 

Remove Dirt with Regular Vacuuming 

Although dirt may seem harmless to carpets, other than being an eyesore, it can actually shorten your carpet's life. When people walk on carpet covered in dirt, particles get pressed down that then nick fibers holding your carpet together. That's why you need to regularly vacuum the carpet, especially areas that receive a lot of traffic. 

Start off by vacuuming slowly, picking up as much dirt as you can. Perform multiple passes until you can see noticeable results. Handheld vacuums are ideal to use when cleaning corners, while upright models are preferred when cleaning open areas that warrant a lot of power. 

To keep dirt from being tracked in continuously, consider placing sticky mats near all of the entry points in your home. 

Utilize Dry Carpet Cleaning Services 

If you don't have time to clean or stains are too difficult to remove, you can always contact dry carpet cleaning services. These companies use dry chemical compounds and cleaning agents. Since little to no moisture is used when removing stains, dirt, and other debris, the cleaning process is quick.  

Unlike wet cleaning methods, dry cleaning poses almost zero risk to homeowners. There won't be foul odors after the cleaning service is completed, and you won't have to worry about mold developing at all.

No matter what type of carpet you have, you can maintain its beauty and soft nature with the right cleaning methods. Professionals are also standing by if the cleaning job is too difficult or time-consuming to complete on your own.