Just Moved Into An Apartment? Make Coin Laundry Easy With A Few Tips

When you live with your parents, you may find that doing laundry is easy because you only have to walk a short distance to reach the washer and dryer. After moving into an apartment, you may not have laundry appliances within the unit or even in the building, which means you may need to visit a laundromat. These places often accept coins along with debit and credit cards.

While you can opt for a card, you may feel more comfortable using coins. Although it may seem tough, there are a few things that you can do to make handling your laundry easy.

Foldable Hamper

An excellent tip is pick up a foldable hamper. Using a large wooden or plastic hamper has its disadvantages because you cannot shrink it down when you do not have extra space. At some laundromats, you may be able to put the hamper on top of the washer and then the dryer, but this is not always an option. A foldable hamper allows you to fit it in between laundry appliances.

Most foldable hampers are made of fabric, which is great because you can put your name on the bottom with a permanent marker to minimize the chance that someone takes it. This is helpful for when you need to run a few errands while your laundry is in the washer or dryer.

Laundry Pods

Taking a jug of laundry detergent to a laundromat is something that you will commonly see, but you may not want to add a lot of extra weight to your trip. Using laundry pods is an ideal alternative, especially when you plan on walking to the laundromat instead of driving.

Putting a pod in the drum before you put in clothing will help it dissolve completely. Before heading out, you can throw a pod on the top of the clothes in your hamper. Then, when you get to the laundromat, you will naturally put the pod in first to avoid any dissolving complications.

Quarter Rolls

Always having quarters with you is helpful for when you need to do laundry runs. So, you should know when and where you can get quarters without having to go on a separate trip. Many grocery stores can give you cash back, which you can then turn into a quarter roll. Banks will also provide you with quarter rolls, which is great for when you want to stock up.

Following these tips will help you transition to doing laundry on your own and at a laundromat.