Get House Cleaning Before Organizing An Estate Sale

Inheriting a home on your own or through partial ownership with other family members creates a tough situation in which you need to figure out what to do with the property. Whether you decide to sell the home or keep it, you may deem it best to hold an estate sale. You can move or store the possessions that you want to keep and then leave the rest in place for the estate sale.

Before you begin setting dates and creating listings, you will want to clean up the home. An excellent way to get it ready is to invest in a one-time deep house cleaning service.

Take Impressive Photos

While people who frequent estate sales may understand that not all homes are going to be clean, you should do everything you can to attract buyers to your property. For instance, you can make a huge impact on people who are not used to estate sales with a clean home in photos.

A photographer will have an easier time showing off all the angles of the property as well as some of the items that are for sale when they have a clean home to take photos in.

Avoid Allergy Issues

Unkempt homes can get dusty, which can easily trigger allergic reactions. You do not want anyone who comes to the estate sale to have their allergies spark up while browsing the home.

A deep cleaning will get rid of all the dust even in the hidden areas. For instance, the top of ceiling fan blades can collect a lot of dust, but it is not always easy when walking around the home. A thorough dusting of the home will remove all the dust from decorations on display in each room.

Entice Customers

If you have an estate sale on the weekend, you may have numerous visitors who go to multiple sales in a single morning and afternoon. You want to entice these people to put your estate sale as the first one on their list, which will increase the chances of selling your inventory. Some people have a set budget and they may only visit one or two places before using it up.

A clean home will not only encourage people to visit your place when it begins, but it will also entice visitors to continue looking through the home after seeing the first few rooms. A dirty home may have people turning around and getting into their car to go to other sales.

Getting deep house cleaning, such as from Squeaky Clean, is not something you should pass up before having an estate sale.