Things To Know About Maintaining Your Restaurant’s Exhaust Hood

A restaurant will require many pieces of equipment to be able to safely and effectively prepare the large amounts of food that will be demanded of it. One of the key pieces of equipment in a restaurant's kitchen will be the hood. This device is installed over the range, and it will remove the smoke that is produced when cooking.

What Happens If You Fail To Keep The Restaurant's Range Hood Clean?

Cleaning the restaurant's hood is one of the key steps in allowing it to function effectively. When you fail to keep the hood clean, grease and other substances may clog it. This can reduce its ability to filter the smoke that is produced in your kitchen. Unfortunately, there can be more serious problems that this can cause as well. For example, the grease and particulate matter that gets trapped in the hood will pose a serious fire risk. Lastly, failing to clean the hood can damage the fan and motor that pulls the smoke into the system as grease can clog these components. While it is possible to replace these components when they become damaged, this is a relatively expensive cost.

How Often Should You Clean Your Restaurant's Hood?

Due to the serious consequences that can come from failing to keep the restaurant's hood clean, you should be mindful of the need to have this work done fairly regularly. However, the frequency with which you will need to have this work can vary according to a couple of factors. Each community will establish its own regulations regarding inspections for restaurants, and the condition of the hood will usually be covered by these regulations. As a result, you will want to check the local regulations. Additionally, you will need to consider the fuel that your range uses. For example, a gas burning range will need to have its hood cleaned more frequently than an electric one due to the exhaust.

Is It Possible To Have Your Employees Perform The Needed Hood Cleaning?

You may assume that you can simply schedule for your employees to clean the hood. Yet, this is often banned in many communities due to the problems that it can pose. Employees may be exposed to health risks from inhaling the debris from the hood, and they can inadvertently create a fire risk by doing this work incorrectly. For these reasons, you should always retain a professional restaurant maintenance service to perform this cleaning.

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