How To Clean Suede Furniture

Suede is a soft fabric that adds appeal to any room or office. However, you must keep it clean so it can look its best.

Using protective stain spray is one way to prevent stains from becoming permanent, but you shouldn't rely on this method completely. Suede also requires careful cleaning techniques to avoid damage. Clean suede furniture by following these steps.

Maintain The Furniture

To clean suede furniture, gather:

  • cloths
  • soft bath towels
  • white vinegar
  • suede eraser or pencil eraser 
  • nail file
  • suede brush 
  • hand-held vacuum
  • hard bread (optional)
  • stain protector spray 

Read the cleaning label on your furniture to determine what cleaning methods are safe. Remove the cushions, if applicable, and vacuum the interior of the piece using a delicate fabric attachment, and note any stains.

Use a suede brush or a soft bath towel to clean each side of the cushions. If the cushions are the same size, rotate them to reduce the wear and tear.

Vacuum and brush the pieces weekly. Brush the fabric in the same direction until the color becomes even over the whole piece. Keep a cloth or soft towel close by to wipe spills immediately. Consider getting the pieces professionally cleaned by a service like Pap  Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC annually.

Clean Stains and Spills

If you spill liquid on the piece, lay a towel over it to soak, and don't rub. Replace towels until all the liquid has been absorbed.

To remove dry stains, run a suede eraser or a  standard pencil eraser over them. Alternately, run a nail file over the stains working in each direction starting with light pressure, and then build it up slowly to medium pressure. Running a piece of very hard bread over the surface also removes tough stains.

If stains persist, try white vinegar. Test vinegar in a hidden area of the furniture to check color reaction. Dab some white vinegar on a clean towel, gently rub the stain until it disappears, and let it dry.

Add Stain Protector Spray

Before you apply fabric spray, ensure that it won't void your warranty. Open a window to ventilate, or wear a painter's mask.

Hold the can several inches away from the piece. Holding the can too close may cause running, and spraying too far away may cause an uneven coat. 

Spray using a sweeping motion a small section at a time to make breathing easier. Spray left to right starting six inches from the left, and stop six inches past the right. 

Let the piece dry for twelve hours. You will commonly need to apply two or three more coats.