Winter Preparation Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Exterior Using Your Pressure Washer

With all the leaves falling from your and your neighbor's trees into your yard and dead yard vegetation after its season of growth, there can be a great deal of clean-up required outside your home during this time of year. Fall provides an opportunity to clean your home's exterior as you get your yard ready for winter. Here are some additional tasks you can complete with a pressure washer to clean up your home's exterior:

Exterior Siding

Your home's exterior is protected by its exterior siding, which can become dirty from bug and bird droppings, insect debris, dirt and tree sap. When you use a pressure washer to clean your siding, make sure you select the appropriate nozzle tip to direct the water into a stream to clean the siding without causing damage. For cleaning your siding, it is recommended to use a medium-pressure tip that is safe to use on painted surfaces without stripping the surface or causing damage.

First, apply a siding cleaning solution to help loosen dirt and other debris. Use the lowest-flow pressure washer nozzle tip to apply a solution onto the siding, then rinse it off with the medium-flow tip. Be sure to work from the bottom to the top when rinsing to prevent streaking on your siding's surface.

Windows and Screens

You can also use your pressure washer to clean your home's exterior windows and screens. Although you are headed into winter, you should remove the build-up of dirt and dust that has collected on your windows and screens during summer to help make spring cleaning much easier to remove winter debris from your windows.

Apply a mixture of liquid dish soap and water onto the windows and screens with a cleaning sponge or your pressure washer with a low-flow tip. Then, switch the tip on your pressure washer and rinse it with the medium-flow tip. Continue spraying into the screens until the water flowing from them runs clear.

Outdoor Grill

By the time summer ends your outdoor grill has likely had its fair share of use and is in need of a good cleaning. Remove the cooking griddle and any warming racks positioned inside your grill and set them on nearby pavement. Spray the interior of the grill with your medium-flow pressure washer tip to remove grease and other cooking debris from the bottom and top inside of the lid. Spray the griddle and warming racks, turning them over to completely clean both sides.

Allow your grill to completely dry in the sunshine and reassemble it for winter storage. Contact a pressure washing service for more information and assistance.