How To Clean A Dhurrie Rug

Dhurrie rugs are a flat, woven rug made in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tibet. The rugs are a natural-wool color mixed with other colors made on a loom so no knots show through the back, which makes it reversible. 

Dhurrie rugs can withstand most wear and tear, but you still may find them dirt and stained. Luckily, they are simple to clean. Follow these steps to clean your Dhurrie rug.

Maintain the Rug

To clean Dhurrie rugs, you need:

  • soft white cloths or white paper towels
  • spray bottle
  • soft brush
  • vacuum
  • liquid dish soap
  • white vinegar
  • oxygen bleach 
  • pre-treatment carpet cleaner

Vacuum the rug to remove loose dirt trapped in the fibers, but don't use a beater bar because fringe can get caught in it. A rug pad isn't needed for Dhurrie rugs, but it can help make the rug last longer. A rug pad also keeps the rug flat and prevents wrinkling. 

Never lay the rug in direct sunlight to prevent fading. test all cleaners on a hidden area of the rug to check colorfastness. Reverse the rug at least annually to reduce wear and tear, taking note of the direction, so you won't turn it the same way the next rotation. 

.Clean Fresh Liquid Spills

To clean liquid spills, immediately blot the moisture with a paper towel or cloth. Avoid rubbing the liquid to avoid spreading the stain.

 Keep pressing the cloth or paper towel over the area until no liquid remains, and change the paper towel or rag when it gets full. If the liquid has begun to dry, dab the cloth or paper towel in cold water, and blot. Prop the rug to dry it.  

Dry it with a hair dryer set on low, or place it in front of fans to speed drying. Flip the rug to inspect the other side for stains. 

Remove Dried Stains

Scrub dried stains with a soft brush, then vacuum. Dampen a cloth in cold water, and squirt two or three drops of dish soap on the stain. Blot the stain until it disappears. For extra cleaning power, add a teaspoon of white vinegar.

If the stain persists, apply oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach works well on many fibers, and it is safer than standard hydrogen peroxide. Combine an ounce of oxygen bleach in a gallon of warm water, then stir in pre-treatment carpet cleaner.

If the stain is greasy, add citrus-based rug cleaner to the solution. Transfer some of the solution to a spray bottle, and spray the stain. Let it stand fifteen minutes, then work the solution in the carpet with the brush. Contact a pro cleaner, such as from Fresh Start Cleaning, for more help.