Hire A Janitor Service That Can Address These Overhead Needs

In business, the term "overhead" relates to your operating costs. However, when it comes to the physical location of your business, "overhead" has a completely different meaning. In this sense, it relates to the objects that are above you and out of reach — and this is especially an issue in certain parts of your building that may have high ceilings, such as your warehouse. When it comes to having these things cleaned regularly, you want to hire a janitor service that specializes in overhead work. Any janitor service can vacuum and clean windows, but one that can address your workplace's overhead needs will be especially valuable. Here are some overhead things that you'll need to be cleaned:

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans gather dust quickly, even if they never stop moving. A dusty fan isn't doing much to help the air quality that your staff and customers are breathing, and a clump of dust that occasionally falls from a fan blade can be an eyesore. Look for a janitor service that can take care of this cleaning need. The service will need tall ladders or other mechanisms to reach the fans, and a thorough dusting will have them looking like new.

Shelving Units

In storage locations such as warehouses, you may have shelving units that stretch multiple feet in the air. While you may have forklifts or other implements that allow your staff to use these upper shelves, you probably don't devote any time to cleaning them. This can leave them covered in dust, which can not only be a breathing hazard but can also send dust falling down onto personnel below when someone is retrieving an item from the upper shelves. Count on your janitor service that specializes in overhead work to have a plan for periodically keep these shelves free of dust.

Building Parts

Beams and other parts of your building overhead can also get covered in dust, which affects the air quality for your staff in locations such as warehouses. If these areas have large doors and birds occasionally enter, there may even be bird droppings, and remnants of nests tucked onto the beams above. None of this is ideal — in another of the concerns about air quality, bird droppings can make these beams an eyesore and take away from the overall look of the space. A janitor service will be a valuable resource for you when it comes to addressing these and any other overhead things that need cleaning.

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